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le fuzz
le fuzz

who can be mad

when somebody hate theyself

to the point they willin

to put heart on the shelf

and soften up they mind

and harden up they hide

and bag they neighbor soul

and sling it to the side

who can be mad

when wickedness is normal

sin is taught as natural

and fuckery is normal

when god is dressed in chains

disguised as holy words

when fear is clad with hate

and lovewear look absurd

who can be mad

when power prey on weakness

not of other folk

but grafted in where should be meekness

when people destroy worlds

cuz they don’t know how to live

lookin passed they hirt

pride as the sedative


can be pissed the fuck off


city boy

in this city
i was sun blinded
for cursing the clouds

in contempt of the rain
i died of thirst
never seeing the sea
make love to the shore


my son is
the selfie of manhood
no filter
no crop
before damaged women
dirty money
before polity and kings

stay black

brotha told me about the beauty
and atrocity
living in Nigeria
dapped me up like
“stay black”
kept it pushin
i’m left with the back of his taper fade walking way

…what does that mean…

let me superglue some midnight to the
front side of my backhand
so the black land and the black light
hold hands with no stage fright
of being shown it’s wrong or right

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