Undividual Poet



chocolate addict


i can’t get past your aesthetic

hope you don’t mind

i got married for

the lifetime supply of chocolate

you just

overflow with loveliness

quencher of this manhood

attracted to the cocoa

dripping just south

from the center of your soul


mke wangu


my wife

makes me feel like

im cheating with another woman

when she loses or gains weight

just a different kind of sexy

my wife

keeps me from falling off the sofa

when i reach for the remote

so that i can commit to wonderful

newfound stretch

my wife

sings me lullabies in her sleep

dreaming of memories lost

stitching together communities we all need

loving me so well

my skin refused to die

to be shed

for jealousy of future layers


Nubia, based on art by oneoffkritik via

is it okay that i’m a mess when i see you
that i’m infatuated with your chocolate skin
signature curveage
lips full of promise
the way it moves in a sundress
before i get your name?
is it okay
for me to be in love with you
just for being a black woman?
is it off balance
to worship the smell of cocoa and shea
how they rub into my face
when i lay in the softness
of your cheeks?
to wish we knew what tribe
your ancestors grew your roots from
find that land
kiss it
give thanks for stretch marks
in the right places
nature’s tattoos
telling the eye what is real?
can i thirst to
drop my anchor in the depths of you
to swim in your soul
because you are a black woman?
is it fine that
i’m not as deep as i will be?
that your walk is
the sexiest thing about you
to a man concerned with carriage
who prefers sex in the light
your face unmade?
that i look to you
and find reasons for the earth to turn
the sun to shine
the moon to reflect it?
can i be undividual in my singular effort
to make space in every part of you
for me?
will you let me love you
black woman?



i will never knock you down
for who you fall in love with
i was naked
you got to look into my secrets
and study unseen cosmos
up close
with this sacred moment at hand
you chose pizza
i guess
i guess i can forgive that

flesh tones

between the sheets

we can have the curtains drawn
the lights on
the blinds open
the lights off
either way
the light’s on you
so i can see what i’m getting into
i’m so into
no piercings no extensions
no tattoos
no lashes no makeup
no pretend to’s
me and this masterpiece
wrapped in this cotton canvas

honey moonlight

Lady by the Moon

your voice is made of gold from the spirit world
i feel its curve in the morning rain
its subtlety in the naked moon
hidden in the open by sunsets
i love the way you put words together
can i cross your mind sometimes?
promise to look both ways
and wait for the signal
i’ll be alone
and i’ll be a gentleman

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