Undividual Poet



black twitter


why it gotta be like that

two snaps with no flash

one bad hair day

a nigga been memed

i be the shame of your

side job as a side ho

i be the bastion of hoteps

when my beard come in grey

with the sun behind me

and a phd in black consciousness

i be the laugh of why

your s don’t fully curl

your smedium dont gotcha covered

your saucy black ex with an ugly white girl

your legs look weak under that torso

i wanna stay out the hashtagicidal wars

of double tap whores

and repost that shit

at the same time



"my pride horn" by Artman Vibration @samir2art112

my dream
the secret behind my eyes
waiting to visit me in my sleep
is to find that artist whose dopeness
forces me to write

at first sight
i am compelled to walk away from my wife in the middle of her heart song
so i can put my palpitations to a page

make me rude

so intrusively introspective
i touch down in the prophetic
and perfectly relate to stuff
i never been through
make the world cry or come
to lyrics no human could pen

make me transcend

be the artist i wasn’t meant to be
the artist meant for me


the selfie game
taking pictures of the self
capturing own reflections
at obnoxious angles
to show more self up close
until we feel sufficiently cute
low fat photography
photographical urbation of the mast
at last
this self will do

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