Undividual Poet


Bad Words

black twitter


why it gotta be like that

two snaps with no flash

one bad hair day

a nigga been memed

i be the shame of your

side job as a side ho

i be the bastion of hoteps

when my beard come in grey

with the sun behind me

and a phd in black consciousness

i be the laugh of why

your s don’t fully curl

your smedium dont gotcha covered

your saucy black ex with an ugly white girl

your legs look weak under that torso

i wanna stay out the hashtagicidal wars

of double tap whores

and repost that shit

at the same time




she could cuss you clean

and get god to move

a mountain

a bullet

a meth lab


did things

quick to get other folk killed

she never played a part

always fit the bill

sunrise in the bittermost winter

upon behest

warm and penetrating

just like her request

wind and hail subside

for the kids to go to school

she was real

she was true

she wrote the damn rules


le fuzz
le fuzz

who can be mad

when somebody hate theyself

to the point they willin

to put heart on the shelf

and soften up they mind

and harden up they hide

and bag they neighbor soul

and sling it to the side

who can be mad

when wickedness is normal

sin is taught as natural

and fuckery is normal

when god is dressed in chains

disguised as holy words

when fear is clad with hate

and lovewear look absurd

who can be mad

when power prey on weakness

not of other folk

but grafted in where should be meekness

when people destroy worlds

cuz they don’t know how to live

lookin passed they hirt

pride as the sedative


can be pissed the fuck off

flip it

exhibit f
exhibit f

i found my soul in a

dimly lit room

rank with unfiltered cigarette smoke

tired walls

hyper aged by cuss words

stained with residue from weak stomachs

in drunken men

wading through heartbreak

impressions in the carpet

showed where a pool table must have rested heavily for generations

two suede oxfords underneath grey pinstriped pant legs

cut off by shadow

led to an old man i could not see

and i knew

i knew i did not want that life

that life did not want me to live

let me die another day

juan de bravo


we left conversation

six minutes ago

you touched my food

eyed my woman

and talked about mamas

guess i’ll see you next lifetime

El Shiitake

Bryon Boi

some say
i am a melinated god
house of the stardust dressing the cosmos
hailing from an alien domain
that i am the seed of earth lovers
with peace pipes
and frybread
that my kind was nasty
loving neanderthals
created in ancient labs
born of cave shadows
that i am a byproduct of rape
as a partner of genocide
babylonian captivity
i say
i could be part treefrog
mixed with sugar
and a little styrofoam
by any other name
i’d still be the shit

newis, a freestyle

in love again

had an idea in my head
saw this going differently
meant to stay in the bed
not wake up where niggas be
wake up where meant to be
open up to meant to see
picture me
soul is my only internal organ
shores of my mind hold it together
with sea salt and beach sand
the middle passage between asleep and awake
sacred to prophets with no home in either land
who rest well in rare realms
in different dimensions
where death is not even a skipped beat for transition
good and evil are light things
the natural is the right thing
the actual is enlightening
a nameless lewis stitched together
by cosmic love and interstellar music


never been the type to get with
brothas cussing more than sam jackson
witess tact and
weak flow and
calling it music
but i’ve abused the privacy of a cabby
with four letter
one two three four syllable words
for middle aged white women in SUVs
probably just need chocolate
thrown at them
when their window’s down

bad words

even love
bad words
in the hands of the most clever
with pedestals and no earth to be down to

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