Undividual Poet


September 2016

mr brown

dred lyfe
dred lyfe

fleecy locks and black complexion

cannot forfeit nature’s claim

skin may differ

but affection

dwell in blacks and white the same

were i so tall to reach the pole

or grasp the ocean at a span

i must be measured for my soul

the mind

the standard of a man

(Ahntaeus Brown)


soul pick

soul pick
soul pick

a world without noise

does not exist

even if music never sounded

if no grass grew

no wind to rustle it

if the axis never required earth

to spin

even if the vibes of those

who lived before us

suddenly left us alone

in the soul of what is

buzzes what can be



country roads are blind

and beautiful

not a single lamppost on duty

all the feels on deck

lit up by star shadow


open to stay

or go

to feed

or be fed

in the smoldering stillness

of night air

the bustling solitude

of grass in the wind


in the moonlight

i am lifted

taken to sights anew

in search of fresh vibes

in ancient skies

tea at night

pinky out

raw honey

cane sugar

green tea

earth borrowed elixir

heaven stolen nectar

complementing residual peace

one humid wednesday eve

for my sorrows

juan de bravo


we left conversation

six minutes ago

you touched my food

eyed my woman

and talked about mamas

guess i’ll see you next lifetime

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