Undividual Poet


August 2016


la rasta

three a.m.

says this dashboard clock

with cash

gas is two forty five

robert nesta dont want to wait in vain

telling women not to cry

even though he shot the sheriff

all i do

is keep driving to work a slave

earn my own

redemption song




in a dream

i was an average savage

across the street from a seven eleven

making up life stories for folk

based on how they walked in and out the store

helped me ignore the ghosts of wars won

of lives cut short

in fights we fought as warriors

so kings could sleep well

my son snored loud

and my body and mind

almost all of me was bedside again

my heart stayed back

back with the guy

the guy across the street

fire hazard


it was her eyes

they were more than poetry

when the poem is flawless

a song acapella

changing pulses without beats

inducing swoonage with no filter

they were a dress

inviting me inside her

for discourse

for lust

for fun

in a heartbeat

awkward moment

this bundle of weeds

i drove slow enough to

snatch from the middle of the highway

these stumbling words

handful of penny candy

is all i have

saying i love you



water on my keyboard

mud in my piano

sand on my larynx

glue in my fists

camouflage remotes


wings on these thoughts

just listen

just listen

to the earth revolve

a world grow

people dying to live

sun rays and

rain drops and

wind gusts and

good vibes and

bad spirits and

long quietude

reveal what is relevant to reality

what is transitory

what is immortal

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