Undividual Poet


July 2016

mke wangu


my wife

makes me feel like

im cheating with another woman

when she loses or gains weight

just a different kind of sexy

my wife

keeps me from falling off the sofa

when i reach for the remote

so that i can commit to wonderful

newfound stretch

my wife

sings me lullabies in her sleep

dreaming of memories lost

stitching together communities we all need

loving me so well

my skin refused to die

to be shed

for jealousy of future layers


Blu in the Road

blu bird

blue bird
uncomfortable with concrete

flies more than necessary

bounces around the pavement

uncomfortable with streets

remembering a world without them

before ever hatching

El Shiitake

Bryon Boi

some say
i am a melinated god
house of the stardust dressing the cosmos
hailing from an alien domain
that i am the seed of earth lovers
with peace pipes
and frybread
that my kind was nasty
loving neanderthals
created in ancient labs
born of cave shadows
that i am a byproduct of rape
as a partner of genocide
babylonian captivity
i say
i could be part treefrog
mixed with sugar
and a little styrofoam
by any other name
i’d still be the shit


real colors

people mock each other

for talking to themselves

as if with

is somehow untrue

while truth is

most of us run away from reflection

in fear of that conversation

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