Undividual Poet


May 2016

first world problems


being a citizen
in a young country with quick success
high arrogance
with no peace
no justice
i count a lot of chickens
driving into town
getting their roost on
what made me feel the world was doomed
when i woke up one day
to all the king size candy
being two peasant size pieces
sharing one wrapper
pretending to be royalty



Inspired by lyrics from a Wale song entitled "The Helium Balloon"

we like them moves made
til you make moves
keep them pennies poppin
while you pay dues
watch your videos
watch you make shoes
wear your cologne
it’s who you know
til you know to say who


pain pushed me to be
low fat left handed
when the right side had to quit
and the right to sit down
was equal
but never the expectation
to equate
in a human world
plagued by inhumanity


Oshun, Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Prosperity

one sunday afternoon
around a small living room in tacoma
sat my grandmother
my mom
my wife
speaking life habitually
trading love and secrets
articulating a son’s heart without his permission
in the rocking chair
oddly facing away from the television
it dawned on me
that i rocked among gods

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