Undividual Poet


April 2016

black woman

"Afro Woman says music is deeper than feeling and sweeter than fruit. Vital to my culture. So hit me with that African music." -by Sudanese artist, Artman Vibration @samir2art112

i have heard stories of great men
by the pens of dead victors
their words as honest
as reputation supersedes detail
so your pillow tells me more of the kings then they ever will
more than their advisors
more than their administrators
you were made equals
impregnating you with their hearts
consummating you with their dreams
pharaoh buried you alive
couldn’t live
couldn’t die without you
creepy as all get out
but you are the strength of a
hundred million men assaulting a bulwark
converted to a goddess
of ideation

*modified excerpt from “black woman”, a love letter to my wife*



Blackagar Boltagon & Medusalith Amaquelin, King & Queen of Marvel's Inhumans

with you
it is impossible to have
awkward moments
we can be ugly
without fear of condemnation
we can be beautiful
and not offended by revision
i am fully clothed
in the ring
the cross necklace you got me
i am home
when i think about being
with you


in this world
the most dangerous thing we can do
is think
the most versatile utility
is speech
the movement universes react to
but the scariest thing to have
is teeth
just close your mouth
and drop bombs

i remember

"butterflies" by @lewispbryon

i loved you with the flute
with the bass
the piano
the violin
with donny hathaway
i loved you with aquamarine
and white gold
i loved you the way poetry’s motion approaches the end of a line
with gentle intensity
with apprehensive vulnerability
with trust tried
we were young
i gave you butterflies

*excerpt from “Black Bubblegum”



i will never knock you down
for who you fall in love with
i was naked
you got to look into my secrets
and study unseen cosmos
up close
with this sacred moment at hand
you chose pizza
i guess
i guess i can forgive that

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