Undividual Poet


March 2016

the saints

for the stalwart sweetheart
accustomed to leadership with trails of dirt
reaching out in every direction
for the little black girl
whose gospel saves her
makes her whiter than snow
for the believer
with deeper roots in humanity
than the bones of his religion
i love you
i love you
i love you



"my pride horn" by Artman Vibration @samir2art112

my dream
the secret behind my eyes
waiting to visit me in my sleep
is to find that artist whose dopeness
forces me to write

at first sight
i am compelled to walk away from my wife in the middle of her heart song
so i can put my palpitations to a page

make me rude

so intrusively introspective
i touch down in the prophetic
and perfectly relate to stuff
i never been through
make the world cry or come
to lyrics no human could pen

make me transcend

be the artist i wasn’t meant to be
the artist meant for me


the postman woke up
looked at his hands
recognized his existence
the grandmother checked her blood sugar
thanked the sky
for a pulse
the philosopher thought
deduced his deduction
to be that he simply
the dog looked up
just because she could
am not very religious
in the system
i met god
and god looked a lot like
no further questions

pain and gain

for a few gains
i have to thank you
learning to trust myself
in a cloud of guile
having pity for men
who earn worse than death
seeing humanity
in the depth of monsters
falling for truth
deeper than loyalty
knowing my voice
in a magical chorus
of forty part harmony



my thought is
if you got it
and you wanna shake it
it was gonna be about sex
or witchcraft
or pimp juice
way before you ever knew
you had a booty
your responsibility is to yourself
and your community
let both be free
with no swass point deductions

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