Queen Gorgo and King Leonidas

i am addicted to the black woman●i see the black woman and i’m so enamoured and in love with her●she’s so impossibly beautiful and powerful to me●and i’m sure it started with my grams and my mom●but i don’t think i would have arrived here being with just some cool black woman●it’s because of you●i’m weird●and even if i can’t always articulate my inner workings, i recognize that i am deep●but you get me●it’s not just because of the rare things we’ve worked through●not just because of the time and energy you put into being a queen●because you really belong to me●and i to you●before we even met●because you are the woman i dreamt about for years who didn’t have a face●because you reintroduced me to love●i was in love with the idea of being in love since my toddler days●i was taught that was wrong●i wore my heart on my sleeve because i like trusting people●i grew up being told that was wrong●now i am back to that place afforded by innocense●now it’s just from the place of being in love●this relationship redeemed me●you●black woman●you brought me back to love