Undividual Poet


February 2016

top layer

not heaven is a goal
not hell is a fear
but to love
is life
i strive to live


flesh tones

between the sheets

we can have the curtains drawn
the lights on
the blinds open
the lights off
either way
the light’s on you
so i can see what i’m getting into
i’m so into
no piercings no extensions
no tattoos
no lashes no makeup
no pretend to’s
me and this masterpiece
wrapped in this cotton canvas

gorgo of coldwater: a love letter

Queen Gorgo and King Leonidas

i am addicted to the black woman●i see the black woman and i’m so enamoured and in love with her●she’s so impossibly beautiful and powerful to me●and i’m sure it started with my grams and my mom●but i don’t think i would have arrived here being with just some cool black woman●it’s because of you●i’m weird●and even if i can’t always articulate my inner workings, i recognize that i am deep●but you get me●it’s not just because of the rare things we’ve worked through●not just because of the time and energy you put into being a queen●because you really belong to me●and i to you●before we even met●because you are the woman i dreamt about for years who didn’t have a face●because you reintroduced me to love●i was in love with the idea of being in love since my toddler days●i was taught that was wrong●i wore my heart on my sleeve because i like trusting people●i grew up being told that was wrong●now i am back to that place afforded by innocense●now it’s just from the place of being in love●this relationship redeemed me●you●black woman●you brought me back to love

a song for you

love birds

if i made a song for you
there would be a violin
a blues guitar
a slide trumpet
an upright piano
a pedal harp
jill would duet with donny
heathcliff would be in the middle of a hardwood floor teaching rudy how to follow him in a dance
lucy would sit in the corner and smile
ella would

that guy

wife and kid hand picking Z’s
i sit up
bucket nekked in my picture window
god teaches one stubborn
blade of grass
not to stand alone
as it is picked on by the wind
forced almost flat onto the earth below

not a magnifying glass
but a cold piece indeed



the ocean had plenty
but the creek
loved me so much more

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