Undividual Poet


December 2015

the lover

Dreamstime Heart

if i have ever fought
ever hated
if i have ever waged anything
instilled fear
beaten ugly with anger
ever been horned
and pitched with a fork
it is because i first loved



little versions of us
little to no filter
or limits
looking up to our stature
two futures staring at each other
wanting to be the other
reminding us how far we can dream
without fear of mortality


never been the type to get with
brothas cussing more than sam jackson
witess tact and
weak flow and
calling it music
but i’ve abused the privacy of a cabby
with four letter
one two three four syllable words
for middle aged white women in SUVs
probably just need chocolate
thrown at them
when their window’s down

black dress

last night
i shot a beautiful woman
right through her sternum

a black dress strutted into my dreams
with a woman inside it
touched the hollow of my thigh
kissed me with full lips
if i knew we served the same god
by different names
we would have been lovers
but that black dress
that soft kiss

i never loved a woman
only zeal and country
who never kissed me
never wore that black dress

honey moonlight

Lady by the Moon

your voice is made of gold from the spirit world
i feel its curve in the morning rain
its subtlety in the naked moon
hidden in the open by sunsets
i love the way you put words together
can i cross your mind sometimes?
promise to look both ways
and wait for the signal
i’ll be alone
and i’ll be a gentleman

picket fence in the ghetto

to have defense for my passion
my dream
my love
the honeycrisp of my eye
is permission to injury
to the very couch of my affection
this old heart
offer only explanation

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