Undividual Poet


November 2015

write responsibly

i am an unconscious rapper
drooling in my sleep
spitting from my dreams
with onus
to discover what it all means
when i wake up


back to life

if i could just be wise
as a million years
forty lost fights
three wars won
and serial monogamy
strong as my father
with long sleeves half pulled up
over muscular forearms
with thick hairs scattered across them
nice as the first time i rode
in the back of a pick up
still short enough
to sit on the wheel well

terrible twos

it was a sad day
microwave ate my lunch
they’re not going anywhere
i don’t want to go with them
somebody ate all the chips
it was me
animal cookies won’t work in the circus
i’m not supposed to wear sunscreen in the rain
twin sister high fived my face
doggy door was too small for me and the diaper
somebody had to go
it was a sad day

*inspired by a series of photos about toddlers throwing tantrums on Facebook by the profile page, “Just Us Moms”

city boy

in this city
i was sun blinded
for cursing the clouds

in contempt of the rain
i died of thirst
never seeing the sea
make love to the shore

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