Undividual Poet


September 2015

stay black

brotha told me about the beauty
and atrocity
living in Nigeria
dapped me up like
“stay black”
kept it pushin
i’m left with the back of his taper fade walking way

…what does that mean…

let me superglue some midnight to the
front side of my backhand
so the black land and the black light
hold hands with no stage fright
of being shown it’s wrong or right


my vibe

i like to dance with the homies in the swanky joint with no dance floor
because somewhere
it’s happy hour
i like to have prayer meeting on a friday
at the strip club
for the saints working their way
through med school
the husbands
looking for a reason to go home
i like to go on singles cruises
with the wife
talk her up to other guys
pretend i got game
make half of them jealous
half of them hopeful


"African Music" by Artman Vibration @samir2art112

she was clean
flirted without looking at me
had the perfect shape
for the perfect curves
facial features born
of the love made between kenya
and cambodia
the sundress spoke to my pulse
her passion for humanity
taught me how much i don’t need her
we can be on the loveseat
next to each other
and be alone together
a three hour conversation about nothing
about everything
pulled me into a caramel kiss
a thousand yesses
a long vacation in paradise


the selfie game
taking pictures of the self
capturing own reflections
at obnoxious angles
to show more self up close
until we feel sufficiently cute
low fat photography
photographical urbation of the mast
at last
this self will do

simply put

her sharpest tool
my favorite foreplay
efficient aphrodisiac
my addiction
the sweetest thing
her conversation

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